The Design Doctors

I’ve always love to helping people using their creativity to better themselves and other. The Design Doctors  service aims to enable design and innovation teams to take a fresh look at their creative practices, to help diagnose where enhancements that are commercially beneficial could be made. Given the insights gained from Design Transitions and the International Design Walkabout, I’m in the process of forming a global team to foster creative practices, more on this soon. Below are some pictures from the projects I’ve recently run with global creative and innovation teams from UK, The Netherlands, Brazil and India. So far this service helped global teams to:
(a) Review and re-design new client services.
(b) Review and creation of empowerment and entrepreneurial ecosystems behind design processes.
(c) Review of organisational conditions to foster creative practices.
(d) Reposition interaction design organisations as design thinking companies.
(e) Reposition an international innovation company and shaping the design of their product and service offerings.


plan in flight

The service is delivered by first a health check, and then being part of creative or innovation team to support the development of design practices. If you are interested in hearing more, get in touch via twitter @DesignDoctorsEU or email for a chat. As you can see above some cases your teams will make and fly a plane, in the first workshop, where possible fun is had in the process. Find out about the latest services on

The Latest from The Design Doctors
One of the great minds I recently worked with was Carola Verschoor, Founder of groh! innovation. The design exchange, we held on September 23rd explore the middle grown between design and intrapreneurship in a church in The Netherlands. Why? To understand how better to help ideas come to life insight large organizations.

There were speakers from design practices within companies, within agencies and also professionals with an entrepreneurial approach to design. The day was had a lot of interaction, fun and exchange! We shared our love for design, meaningful business and entrepreneurial passion. For more information, check out Future ideas and The Design Exchange. My key insights from this exchange was designer want to be like business people and business people wanted to be like designers.
(Date: November 2013)