Hello there, I’m Dr. Emma Jefferies, founder of the The Design Doctors (@DesignDoctorsEU), ‘Design Transitions’author and co-work with DesignThinkers on service design and circular economy training. Following gaining my PhD in Design at Northumbria University, UK, I go on walkabout from time to time, see International Design Walkabout, having worked with inspirational people living how is changing in the The Netherlands, Norway, Brazil, Chile and India, I’m looking to head to Hong Kong by the end of 2014.

It has been a fantastic journey so far, with some amazing experience and conversation around design had along the way. Currently having published Design Transitions, we have gain a great response to the book. Although the Design Transitions book tells the story of how design is changing around the globe at the moment, people have been more interested in the future of design. So we have been developing design fiction workshops to use our insights to help explore the future of design.

Hope you find what you see of interest and if you want to connect to share insights on design or others subjects, I’m always happy to talk over Skype, email ( or Twitter ( @DrEmmaJefferies)


Dr. Emma Jefferies