DpH: The Dyslexic PhD

People have often asked me how my dyslexia affected me during my PhD, and many have found my approaches and strategies of use to their own practice and research. Through this video series – ‘DpH: The Dyslexic PhD’ present below, I aim to share these answers with a wider audience.

There are eight video in this series – 1. Introduction, 2. Tutor’s, Supervisor’s and Peer’s Perspective, 3. Reading, 4. Writing, 5. Articulation of Ideas through Facilitation, 6. Recording Conversations, 7. Data Analysis and Presentation and 8. Innovating the Viva. If you have any questions about this video series feel free to email me.

If you have a problem viewing this video series, please refresh the page or view the videos on my Youtube channel – emmajefferiesdotcom.

Emma’s Next Stop
More recently I have made a video application to work in the social transformation space. Emma’s Next Stop tells the story of how a bus journey from the little town of Warkworth to the big city of Newcastle helped her to understand what she can contribute to the social transformation space. Hope you enjoy the journey!

International Design Walkabout

This video shares reflections with DesignThinkers on Month of the International Design Walkabout

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