We All Create – A Poem about the Untold Stories of Creative Confidence

Today, I started to draft the final piece of creative writing called ‘We All Create’ – about the often under told stories of ‘creative confidence’. This is one of the pieces to be published in an anthology by RASP. Any feedback is welcome as it still in development.

I decided to go about this piece a bit differently. I asked people on Twitter and Facebook to share their stories on ‘Creative Confidence’ on my blog and as the comments came they were mapped and then I drafted the poem below. I would like to thank all those that had contributed from all different backgrounds, and hopefully I have done the amazing and thought provoking comments justice in this poem.

We All Create
The story of ‘creative confidence’ – how we all create has often been undersold,
For that reason composers’, lawyers’, creative academics’, designers’, artists’, football coaches’, illustrators’, teachers’, businessmen’s, photographers’ and researchers’, thoughts on ‘creative confidence’ have been polled.

We all create in a range of spaces, for a variety of reasons, and to achieve different goals,
Either to share new directions or explore our inner souls.
We find out creative stride in spaces, from busy places having coffee and a roll,
Or alone, free from constraints and relaxed, away from prying and critical eyes, to let the mind and hands lose control.
Conversations with people passionate and engaged as oneself spark creative thoughts of ARRAH and OH,
Or no tolerance for repetition, means an unwillingness to take on the same role.
Creativity can be viewed as a tool to tackle a problem, and surprisingly some prefer restrictions to be bestowed,
For others, they think as the audience or the environment and feed their creativity with knowledge to enable them to shoot for the most appropriate hole.

Whilst why and where we create differ, we all share similar struggles with our creative souls.
We are flustrated at the lack of trust, feedback, time, cultural understanding, closed mindedness, greed and resources at the border control,
Once through, we have to fight to display our inner thoughts, doubt ourselves and question how others will receive ‘our baby’ and then we edit our self in our heads and gain self-control.
As time passes, we move past that black hole,
However, creativity can be stifled with an inability to communicate and have others share our inner vision as a whole.
We all see creativity as a fragile being, one knock from a person you hold as more creative, can make you feel unbold,
Therefore creativity needs to be encouraged and consoled.

If people are engaged in their creative flow, stay well away
However if some lack confidence in working with their creative souls,
They may need help to express ideas and master social controls.
To gain confidence, it could be that they need to lower mind barriers in order to see beyond and see creativity as an everyday problem-solving tool that has been bestowed.
Others need to create together and be shown ways to feel inspired and empower to achieve their creative goals,
Or suggest tasks and mediums to help convey a point, and then talk with them about how they have worked with their creative souls,
During this time we all urge that constructive suggestions and observations are doled,
And words of praise are freely sold.

So back to the story of ‘creative confidence’ that often has been undersold.
For some, creativity is on cruise control,
These creative souls have learnt to trust and turn what’s in their mind’s eye into realisation,
By experimenting with their vision, they can reflect, seeing from different angles, finding ways to articulate this visualisation and then know when to let go.
Given our creative differences and similarities, creativity is a state of mind everyone has been doled,
We all need to find for ourselves, when, where and how to be confident to express and work with our creative soul.

Other poems created for RASP’s anthology are: I Write, Seeing Pro, Ping Pong Ball and Eating Ribs.

One comment

  1. Creativity as entrepreneurship? are we ‘confident’?

    In our modern economical and social context we are no longer passive audience. Yes I’m talking about society and economy 2.0 and participation (maybe even big society). If we are lucky enough to live in a progressive society (such as the UK) we are constantly asked, encouraged and supported to do, create and develop our enterprising ideas. After all small and medium enterprise are the creative boost of the most advanced economies. However Mediterranean countries don’t all think alike. In Italy, Spain, Portugal and similar cultures, entrepreneurs are heroes fighting against the system and self initiated project risk to find many obstacles before becoming reality.

    With this I’m just wondering if ‘creative confidence’ is more nurtured and encouraged in places like the US and culturally repressed in places like the Mediterranean countries. Is there a way to make a culture more ‘confident’ in regard to individual ‘creativity’?