Aug 11

Goliath collaborates with Goliath and David

From reading Wolff Olins’s Blog (Unilever and Oxfam: upstream collaboration; Our friends electric; what if David Goliath got together and David 0 Goliath 2) I found out about an emerging operating business model of collaboration, that I wished to share.

To stay ahead of the game, a new operating business model is emerging where companies with the same values and goals; share resources; collaborate instead of compete; understand each others’ role in the market instead of focusing on their position. For example, the Goliaths that are working together are: Boots and Macmillan; M&S and Oxfam; Kate Moss & Topshop; Nokia and Microsoft; Tata and Docomo; Iphone and Google maps; and Heston Blumenthal and Little Chef. The Goliaths who are collaborating with David are: Tesla and Daimler; AOL and Huffington; Green and Blacks and Cadbury; Unilever and Ben & Jerry’s; Will.i.am and Intel; Aardman and Sony; and Vice and WPP.

Just a thought – could companies that adopt this model go further by sharing/learning from others’ working practices!

Jul 11

Jeff Van Campen talks about ‘The Research Thing’

I interviewed Jeff Van Campen (@JeffVanCampen), an Associate UX Consultant at Fortune Cookie, as I found the aim behind a regular research event he has started to run called ‘The Research Thing at Fortune Cookie, UK really interesting idea. Being from an anthropologist background, he explains as with any field, with UX being no exception, that as a discipline becomes more established, Jeff worries the UX field may stop looking outside their area for inspiration. Therefore his aim with ‘The Research Thing’ is to get people that would not normally talk at UX events to share their research and approach.

Jul 11

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Design Research Agencies

This guide is designed to provide a map of design/user research agencies for people seeking user experience jobs from around the world. The reason for this guide is when planning my ‘International Design Walkabout’, a global list of design/user research companies could not be found. Therefore I set about mapping this terrain by asking people I know to recommend design/user research companies.

If you can add to the map below, feel free to add a comment on this post, and I will update this map.

In my quest to create a global map for design/user research agencies, I was recommended the following companies, covering 34 countries spanning five regions.

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Jul 11

What are your sustainable design values? Simon Levi shares his

Having watched ‘The Story of Stuff video (see above) I asked myself two questions:
Question A. If want we value (money) as individuals is not sustainable, being realistic what should we now value?

That said…

Question B. As designers, what should be our sustainable design values?

At the time of having this question pop into my mind, I did not intent to find an answer to these questions so quickly – well in fact in the same day. Having visited New Designers in London, I talked with Simon Levi – check out his website on www.simonlevi.co.uk. He did an interesting project – where he when through the stuff he own and crossed off things he did not need. This led to him forming his sustainable design values that now he uses all of the time in his project work – which he was willing to share with me for this blog post. The values are:

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Jun 11

We All Create – A Poem about the Untold Stories of Creative Confidence

Today, I started to draft the final piece of creative writing called ‘We All Create’ – about the often under told stories of ‘creative confidence’. This is one of the pieces to be published in an anthology by RASP. Any feedback is welcome as it still in development.

I decided to go about this piece a bit differently. I asked people on Twitter and Facebook to share their stories on ‘Creative Confidence’ on my blog and as the comments came they were mapped and then I drafted the poem below. I would like to thank all those that had contributed from all different backgrounds, and hopefully I have done the amazing and thought provoking comments justice in this poem.

We All Create
The story of ‘creative confidence’ – how we all create has often been undersold,
For that reason composers’, lawyers’, creative academics’, designers’, artists’, football coaches’, illustrators’, teachers’, businessmen’s, photographers’ and researchers’, thoughts on ‘creative confidence’ have been polled.

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Jun 11

Help me convey ‘Creative Confidence’ with your stories

Can you help map the terrain of ‘creative confidence’* with your thoughts and stories to inform a written piece to be published in an anthology by RASP.

The anthology goal is to inspire dyslexics. I wish to write on ‘creative confidence’, as often dyslexics find creative ways around their problems, but confidence can easily be knocked.

I wish for people from all different backgrounds to briefly comment below, to share their understanding and experience on either these questions:
1. Define: What does ‘creative confidence’ mean to you?
2. When/where: When/Where do you feel confident to create?
3. Barriers: What barriers are they to your creativity?
4. Enable: How do you encourage ‘creative confidence’ in others?

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Jun 11

Eating Ribs

For Day 14 of #30DAYSOFCREATIVITY I have drafted a piece of creative writing called ‘Eating Ribs’ describing how I eat. This is one of the pieces I may contributes the anthology of writing by writers with dyslexia put together by @thedyslexicpoet. Any feedback is welcome.

Eating Ribs

Over the last ten years I have developed an enjoyment of all different types of food, but how I approach the eating process is still the same!

If you were to asks my friends about me, one of the things they may say is, ‘have you ever seen her eat ribs?’

So I might as well tell you.

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Jun 11

My Visit Inside the Pixar Studios

In 2006, I got an amazing opportunity to look around the Pixar Studios, and since then I have often been asked what it was like. Last week I came across my notebook from my Pixar visit and would like to share this experience. Not only did I love the films they create, which I think everyone does, I had a keen interest to find out more about the creative process behind their films.

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Jun 11

Collaborative Digital Design Practices

On the 10th May, I attended two talks by Conny Freyer from Troika and Simon ‘Sanky’ Sankarayya from AllofUs on ‘Collaborative Digital Design Practices’ in Newcastle. I was curious to find out current debates in collaborative design practices, having investigated this subject for a research project that resulted in designcollaboration.org

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Jun 11

Ping Pong Ball

For Day 11 of #30DAYSOFCREATIVITY I have drafted a poem called ‘Ping Pong Ball’ describing my thinking process. This is one of the pieces I may contributes the anthology of writing by writers with dyslexia put together by @thedyslexicpoet. Any feedback is welcome as I am still getting my head around creative writing.

Ping Pong Ball

My ping-pong ball has a mind of its own,
It travels to unforeseen places in ‘Strange Ways’
Getting distracted by new sights and sounds
Racing to its destination,
It often leaves others in a muddle as to the path taken.

Put in reflective spaces it sees where it has been,
For a short time the direction of fire is controlled
Following the natural circadian rhythms
of the ping and pong,
Knowing it works best when it’s let go to play and have fun.