Video Five: International Design Walkabout continues at Voël, Brazil

In this video I share reflections on my move to Brazil, talk about the fab team at Voël and Mozaiko, a great social innovation initiative that I am very honoured to be helping them to develop. If you want to follow the progress of this initiative you can find it on twitter @mozaico_cc .

People had told me that Brazilians people are really warm and friendly, but I did not realise just how true this was until I started working and learning alongside the team from Voël. I’m really overwhelmed by how friendly and thoughtful they are and their enthusiasm to immerse me in their culture – thank you guys for a great first month! I am sure during the upcoming months we will be learning a lot together and having lots of fun along the way.

From talking to friends and colleagues I know that they are very interested to learn more about Brazil, so I’m going to do my best to share the learning I gain in this amazing country. I’ll soon be uploading videos reflecting on my time in Amsterdam with DesignThinkers, but for now here is my fifth video all about my move to Brazil to work alongside the inspiring group of designers at Voël.

A few people have asked me how I made contact with Voël, so here’s the story of how we first crossed paths.

In late 2011 I approached Voël to see if we could explore opportunities for me to work with them in 2012, and they soon got back to me with an offer to be involved in their new project Mozaiko: a local social innovation programme which is a space to connect people around learning from and sharing their experiences to solve local problems in Brazil. Voël could see value in me helping them to develop and deliver design thinking workshops. We met up through Skype and, although there was sometimes a language barrier, I felt a connection with the team and felt that I could have lot of fun with them in Brazil.

Over the last couple of weeks having spent some time getting to know Voël, I’m overwhelmed by their friendly, relaxed and open nature; their willingness to share their culture with me; their continuing drive to improve their knowledge of design, and their ability to spot and tackle social problems in their own distinctive Brazilian way – using ’Jeitinho’ of course!

They have certainly made me feel at home and I am honoured to be helping them kickstart the Mozaiko initiative and inform the development of their design thinking practices. As I reflected on my first weeks with Voël they shared with me the three reasons why they wanted me on board:

1) To learn about each other’s culture
2) Share design knowledge
3) Experience new things

I’m excited to share with you all the things that Voël and I learn, share and experience together over the next few months – I’m sure it will be a great adventure!

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  1. Sounds wonderful, glad you are enjoying the experience.