Month one: Emma’s International Design Walkabout

Every month of the International Design Walkabout, I will reflect with the inspirational people I meet through video to share new insights into the global views on design. In first month of my International Design Walkabout, I have moved to Amsterdam to work and learn from the inspirational people at @DesignThinkers from September 2011 till February 2012. In this first video and myself, talk about what DesignThinkers do, my mindset shifting from a design academic to a design practitioner and the creative strategy behind Amsterdam’s development.

DesignThinkers feature in this video from left-right are: Camera lady – Marjo Staring (@MarjoStaring),Tim Schuurman (@SLOEP), Simone Veldema (@GreenbizStartup), Peter (a famous cartoonist that was visiting DesignThinkers), Me, Arne van Oosterom (@DesignThinkers), and Johannes van den Eerenbeemt (@JohannesvdE).

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