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I’m Dr. Emma Jefferies, I’m an independent strategic design consultant and author. I’ve started to work under the name of The Design Doctor, pulling together networks of great minds from industry and academia to support creative and innovation companies to review their approach and processes. I’ve been on an International Design Walkabout, exploring how design is changing. Finally I can announce ‘Design Transitions: Inspiring Stories. Global Viewpoints. How Design is Changing, is now out! Design Transitions presents 42 unique and insightful stories of how design is changing around the world. It has been co-authored by Dr. Joyce Yee, Dr. Emma Jefferies and Dr. Lauren Tan, forward by Tim Brown, IDEO’s CEO. We will be in Amsterdam at Droog Hotel on the 29th November 2013 and Fjord London on the 9th November 2013, sharing insights from the book with our contributors, please join us :)
(Date: November 2013)

About the International Design Walkabout

The walkabout allowed me to experience first hand design in transition, documenting how design is radically changing and merging with other fields. I gained fantastic experience working with DesignThinkers in Amsterdam and Norway, in March 2012, my walkabout continued in Brazil with Voël in Belo Horizonte. There, I led the development of a social innovation initiative called Mozaiko. In October 2012, the third leg of the walkabout started at Idiom and Dream:In project in India. If you have not heard of the Dream:In check it out it is amazing, innovation across a whole nation with design a the core! Back in the UK for now – reflecting on the trip so far and exploring new opportunities for the fourth leg of the walkabout! My blog reflects my ongoing observations and insights from around the world. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that my brain has been rewired so now it won’t let me stay in one place for too long.



The Latest from The Design Doctor
One of the great minds I recently worked with was Carola Verschoor, Founder of groh! innovation. The design exchange, we held on September 23rd explore the middle grown between design and intrapreneurship in a church in The Netherlands. Why? To understand how better to help ideas come to life insight large organizations.

There were speakers from design practices within companies, within agencies and also professionals with an entrepreneurial approach to design. The day was had a lot of interaction, fun and exchange! We shared our love for design, meaningful business and entrepreneurial passion. For more information, check out The Design Exchange. My key insights from this exchange was designer want to be like business people and business people wanted to be like designers.

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